CanROC Site Summary – Quebec Site


Currently, no academic centre in Quebec provides formal training pathway for young scientists interested in resuscitation research in the in-hospital or prehospital settings.

However, there are four university centres in Quebec that provide clinical training in emergency medicine and critical care: McGill University, Université de Montreal, Université de Sherbrooke and Université Laval. One site, Université de Montreal, also provides training for advanced care paramedics. Unviersite Laval has a Masters in Epidemiology program and there are post-graduate students investigating topics related to CanROC’s major themes of cardiac arrest and trauma, such post-intubation hypotension in trauma patients.

In addition, there are three pre-hospital organizations that have or are participating in pre-hospital resuscitation research: Urgences-Santé (based in Montreal and Laval), the Estrie Region and La Coopérative des techniciens ambulanciers de la Montérégie (CETAM) based in the area south of Montreal. All are CanROC affiliated.

Investigators who would consider supervising/mentoring students include:

Dr Eli Segal, McGill University, Jewish General Hospital/Urgences-Santé