CanROC Site Summary – Nova Scotia Site


Dalhousie University Division of Emergency Medical Services

The Nova Scotia EMS Research Program is a partnership between EHS Nova Scotia, EHS Ambulance Operations (Emergency Medical Care), the Dalhousie University Division of EMS and the Department of Emergency Medicine. The main research pillars of the NS EMS Research program are i) Knowledge translation (e.g., the Prehospital Evidence Based Practice (PEP) Program); ii) EMS systems (e.g., EMS Integrated Health Programs/novel models of care,hosptial/EMS interface); and iii) Patient safety (eg clinical decision making). We are aslo building opportunities for EMS-based resuscitation research as we develop our data platforms for ground and air ambulance, and dispatch data.

The program faculty include clinician scientists (physicians and paramedics), qualitative research scientists, medical directors, managers and coordinators with decades of combined experience in designing, operationalizing and conducting EMS research, as well as extensive expertise in using the results of research.

Nova Scotia also has a dedicated provincial trauma program; Trauma Nova Scotia (TNS) ( TNS performs research on resuscitation in the trauma and critically ill patient populations. Medical students, residents, and researchers internal and external to the trauma program have opportunities for research with TNS.

Investigators who would consider supervising/mentoring students include:

Dr Alix Carter – Associate Professor, Medical Director of Research at EHS Nova Scotia

Jan Jensen – Assistant Professor – Division of EMS, Performance Manager for EHS Operations Management Nova Scotia