CanROC Site Summary – British Columbia


University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia Resuscitation Research Group is an active collaborative and interdisciplinary team of researchers interested in understanding resuscitation practice and improving outcomes. In collaboration with the British Columbia Emergency Health Services we have been involved in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest clinical trials, observational studies, and quality improvement initiatives for more than 20 years. The team includes clinician scientists from emergency medicine, prehospital care, cardiology, paediatrics, and critical care, in collaboration with epidemiologists and statisticians from the Center for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences and the Center for Improved Cardiovascular Health. The group has a strong reputation and publication record and is a leader in cardiac arrest innovation, enjoying the best clinical outcomes across Canada.

We maintain the BC Cardiac Arrest Registry, a rich database housing consecutive provincial cardiac arrest cases since 205, which we have linked to other BC outcome databases. Our research unit is committed to the CanROC network and is poised to continue relevant observational, randomized controlled or pragmatic studies.

We support and collaborate with graduate students in Masters and PhD programs, post-doctoral studies, as well as medical students and residents.

Lead investigators within the group who are actively engaged in supervising and mentoring trainees include:

Jim Christenson MD – Professor & Head, Department of Emergency Medicine; CanROC Site Lead, BC

Brian Grunau MD MHSc – Clinical Assistant Professor & Resuscitation Innovation Lead, UBC Department of Emergency Medicine; Chair, BC Resuscitation Science Group Committee

Christopher Fordyce MD MHS MSc – Clinical Assistant Professor, UBC Division of Cardiology; Associate Director, VGH Cardiac Intensive Care Unit