The 4th annual CanROC Assembly May 6-8, UBC Robson Square, Vancouver BC

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Canadian investigators and emergency responders have played a key role in out-of-hospital resuscitation research for more than 20 years. Most recently, three Canadian universities (UBC, U of T, and U of Ottawa), along with collaborating EMS and Fire Services, have been successful participants in the joint US/Canadian Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium (ROC).

Major ROC accomplishments include multiple publications in prestigious scientific journals and observational analyses based upon a large database which is called "ROC Epistry".

Moreover, survival in participating communities has significantly improved.

With generous support from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada we are now in the process of creating our own Canadian Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium (CanROC) to bring the power of collaboration of all Canadian Resuscitation researchers and EMS agency partners to bear on our goal of increasing survival from cardiac arrest & life threatening trauma.

Our methodologies will be multi-disciplinary, and core to our strategy will be knowledge transfer, patient engagement, and a strong national training program in resuscitation research. Through this exciting initiative we will continue to build the capacity, collaboration, and competitiveness of resuscitation clinical research conducted in Canada.

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November 2018: Learn CPR in less than 90 seconds - Learning CPR and how to use an AED has never been easier.
The Heart & Stroke's two new whiteboard videos break down the steps so that if you see a person suddenly collapse and they don't respond when you touch or speak to them, you are ready to act fast.
Intended for people who have not taken a course recently (or ever) the videos show the simple steps that can save a life.
Watch the short videos, and share them with the people you love.
Learn CPR in less than 90 seconds - Part 1
Learn to use an AED in less than 90 seconds - Part 2

July 2018: Update – The CanROC Registry has received REB approval!

January 2018: Update – The 3rd annual CanROC Assembly will start at 6pm on May 2nd and ends May 4th, 2018.

September 2017: SAVE THE DATE! The 3rd annual CanROC Assembly will take place May 3-4, 2018 at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute at St Michael's Hospital in Toronto.

February 2017: Over the past few months the CanROC team has been working with experts in the fields of privacy and security to complete a threat risk assessment (TRA) and privacy impact assessment (PIA). These processes are nearing completion and have guided the formation of CanROC's governance structure and policies in order to make sure we are providing the best protection to Canadians while still meeting our core goals of evidence-driven improvements in emergency care. With the TRA and PIA complete we are ready to move forward with data collection starting in the spring.

October 2016: The summer has been busy with CanROC welcoming Eastern Townships, Montreal, Prince Edward Island, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg as official CanROC sites. These five new sites join the original members of British Columbia, Ottawa, and Toronto, raising the count to seven provinces and counting!

May 2016: The Inaugural CanROC Assembly was held May 3-4, 2016 in Toronto, Ontario with attendees from 9 of 10 provinces. The Assembly was a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, discuss the future of CanROC, and begin setting the framework for this great collaborative project.